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Zoho CRM + Plum

How to integrate Zoho CRM with Plum?



‌About Zoho CRM:



Zoho CRM is a CRM platform that SDRs, Account Executives, and Promoting teams use to make a improved sales pipeline and handle consumer and prospect relationships. Now, make a improved sales pipeline with Plum for Zoho CRM.

By integrating Zoho CRM and Xoxoday Plum, you can strengthen your conversion price by engaging prospects and clients with customized rewards, incentives, present cards, and so forth. The seamless integration amongst the two platforms enables you to analyze and track facts like the quantity of campaigns operating, the quantity of present coupons sent, and so forth. from either platform, without the need of getting to juggle amongst the two.

Added benefits of the integration



There are a number of rewards to the integration:

  • This integration assists sales teams send rewards to prospects and clients straight from Zoho CRM.

  • A seamless encounter for the admins and finish-customers.

  • Multi-place, multi-currency, configurable integration which can operate properly with all sorts of customers.

  • Get the most effective of each solutions as you scale. Each Zoho CRM and Xoxoday are adding new options and capabilities routinely.

Xoxoday Plum + Zoho CRM



We will be covering 3 components in this documentation. If you really feel you have completed a section, really feel totally free to skip it:

  • Methods to activate the integration from Zoho CRM.

  • Generating the Reward Automation from Plum Admin Dashboard.

  • Sending the rewards from Zoho CRM.

Methods to activate the integration from Zoho CRM:



  1. Sign in to Zoho CRM applying your credentials.

  2. Now, Xoxoday Plum can basically be integrated with Zoho CRM by installing the Xoxoday Plum Rewards app on the admin’s dashboard from Zoho’s marketplace. This can be completed by looking for “Plum” by means of the hyperlink down beneath or by looking for the app from the ‘Marketplace’ tab on the Settings section.

  3. If you are currently signed in to Zoho CRM, you can just search for Plum Rewards by clicking on the hyperlink beneath.

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Integrate Xoxoday Plum Rewards app to your Zoho CRM Dashboard&gt&gt

four. You can pick out to allow the Plum extension only for admins, for all customers, or for pick customers on Zoho CRM.

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Disclaimer: For all Zoho CRM customers, the customers ought to also have admin/super admin access to the Plum dashboard, for them to send rewards from their CRM account.

five. If you are new to Plum, click on the “Sign up” button. If you currently have an current account, click on the “Authorize” button as shown in the image beneath. Current customers can skip Step six.

six. If you are new to Xoxoday Plum, click on the “Signup” button. You can study how to set up a Plum account right here. It is suggested that you use the e-mail registered with Zoho CRM to signup with Plum as properly.

7. Right after you can click on the “Authorize” button, you will be redirected to the Plum login web page. Use your Plum credentials to log in to the admin dashboard.

eight. Congrats, you have effectively installed the application.

Right after following these actions, you will also be in a position to configure the Plum extension by clicking on the “Configure” button. You can also pick out to revoke permissions/uninstall the extension right here.

Generating the Reward Automation from Plum Dashboard:



As soon as the Xoxoday Plum Rewards App is downloaded, stick to the actions offered beneath and hook Xoxoday Plum up to your Zoho CRM. These are for the Admins operating the Zoho CRM dashboard.

Please make certain that you stick to the actions on the dashboard to make the reward automation and recharge your account.

Step 1: Setting up the Reward Automation:



  • Now, go to the Integrations section and click on “Zoho CRM”.

  • Build a new reward automation by clicking on the button as shown in the screenshot beneath.

  • Now give your reward automation a name and pick the form of trigger settings you want: “Manual” or “Automated”.

  • The reward catalog can be customized by picking out the reward form that you want to contain in the campaign. Build a Xoxo Hyperlink Campaign that you want to contain right here. You can also set the hyperlink expiration date right here.

  • Customize the e-mail template as per your requires and what the target audience expects of them.

  • Now, click on “Launch” to effectively set up the reward automation.

  • You can view the facts of the automation by clicking on the reward automation that you have just designed.

  • Your Zoho CRM Reward Automation is now prepared to launch.

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Step two: Submit your KYB. In order to recharge above the threshold worth, we advocate that you submit your KYB facts with us in the specified format.



Step3: Recharge your Account



  • Right after logging into your Plum account, go to the admin console and click on the “Recharge” button. You can also know a lot more about recharging your Plum account right here.

  • Enter the Recharge Quantity and proceed with the payment to add funds into your account.

You have now effectively completed all actions in the Plum dashboard for reward automation. You can now move on to Zoho CRM to set up the workflow.




Sending the rewards from Zoho CRM (As soon as you have set up the initially two sections, only then proceed to this step):



There are two techniques to send rewards from Zoho CRM. You can either send the rewards manually or by means of automated workflows:

Person Reward Distribution



  1. Now, go back to the Zoho CRM tab and click on the “Contact/Lead” to whom you want to send the rewards.

two. You will be seeing a button referred to as “Plum Rewards” as shown in the screenshot above. You can pick out to edit/modify the button by clicking on the dropdown menu right here.

three. Now, pick this button and fill in the facts as shown in the image beneath. The reward denomination will be in the exact same currency as the a single chosen in your Billing Facts

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four. Now, click “Next”.

five. You can pick out to personalize the emailer, topic line, and greetings.

six. Congratulations, you have effectively sent the rewards to the selected make contact with.

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7. This is how the make contact with will be in a position to view the reward on his/her e-mail inbox.

eight. Congratulations, You have effectively sent a reward by means of Zoho CRM. You can also see the facts in the Notes section.

Reward Distribution primarily based on Zoho Workflows



  1. To make an automated workflow to reward your customers, log in to Zoho CRM.

  2. Go to the “Settings” tab.

  3. Now, click on “Workflow Guidelines beneath the Automation tab.

Note: This selection is not readily available in the totally free version of Zoho CRM.

four. Now click on the “Create Rule” button as shown in the image beneath.

five. Now, you can pick the module you want to contain in the workflow and name the automation. Please note that this automation workflow is for leads and equivalent workflows can be designed for other modules.

six. Now, pick when the “workflow” requires to be activated.

7. You can also pick out the situation right here on which leads to apply this rule to.

eight. Now, in the “Instant Actions”, pick out Plum Rewards, pick the campaign and activate the workflow.

9. You will be in a position to view all the workflows in the dashboard. You can pick out to allow or disable the reward workflows right here.

ten. Congratulations, you have effectively set up the rewarding workflow for the “Leads” section. Equivalent workflows can be designed in Zoho CRM for unique sections such as “Contacts”, “Deals”, and so forth.


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