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What is marketing? The Role of a Marketing Department in a Business

Brand marketing, content marketing, event marketing, theme marketing, new media marketing, etc., are some of the marketing terms that our ears can hear quickly. However, marketing really doesn’t mention these things.

A.What is marketing?

14th edition definition of “Marketing Principles”, marketing: The process by which a company creates customer value and establishes strong customer relationships to derive benefits from customers. From this, a simple model of a business’s marketing process is obtained.

What is marketing? The Role of a Marketing Department in a Business

Understand market/consumer needs-design customer-driven marketing strategies-build integrated marketing programs-establish beneficial customer relationships-achieve value and profit customer profit

B.The Role of a Marketing Department in a Business

Through this model, some of the things the marketing department should do are expanded:

1. Research

Align with the company’s mission and goals, research the market and consumer demand for the product or service, and stay customer-oriented.

The survey here is not about sending out a questionnaire to thousands of people on a regular basis, and then finishing the job after sorting and analyzing.

Research is going to be on the front lines of the consumer landscape, and discovering on the spot whether a customer’s pre- and post-purchase and usage details improve customers’ lives is the company’s mission. .

Let research really provide a reference for improving products and services, not just influencing marketing strategies.

2. Marketing Strategy

Shopping malls, like battlefields, are inseparable from battle strategies. Marketing strategy revolves around service goals and positioning. The marketing department needs to make it clear what groups the business serves and what characteristics it can offer to differentiate products and services.

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The marketing strategy is also top-down. Once the strategy has been defined, the marketing department needs to coordinate with many business units such as product, operations, customer service, sales, etc. to integrate marketing strategy into all levels and details of a company’s operations, so that customers can Visually Feel the differentiated features of a product or service.

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3. Things about 4P

The marketing mix of a business generally consists of four Ps: product, price, location, and promotion.

How many marketing departments can now cover these 4Ps? In fact, most of the marketing department is still doing promotion. As a result, there is often no marketing strategy, only a specific marketing strategy being worked on and spending money, but the effect is not obvious. This has also become the main reason why many marketing departments are gradually marginalized in the corporate structure.

4. Collectively known as marketing relationship management

4.1) Customer relationship: two keywords, customer value and customer satisfaction.

4.2) Internal supply chain relationship: Marketing should be internal first, so that different business departments can reach a consensus on marketing strategy, and at the same time let your colleagues fully understand enough about the company’s marketing strategy and participate in implementation. This is also the job that the departmental marketing department has to do.

4.3) Relationships outside the supply chain: Mainly refers to the marketing relationship management of upstream and downstream partners. In each external relationship, the company’s overall marketing strategy must be fully reflected.

5. Marketing effectiveness and investment evaluation

Results-oriented, i.e., marketing should also carefully consider the input and output ratio of the promotion. Through the quantification of metrics such as conversion rates and exposure, marketing and promotion has become a more scientific and objective business.

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Concepts are cropped up one after another, but incomplete marketing concepts and systems by businesses are common. This can be seen in the marketing department positions of recruitment websites that usually only hire sales staff.

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C.What is the difference between content marketing and digital marketing?

content marketing vs digital marketing

Content marketing is the focus on creating content, then publishing and digitally distributing it to a defined target audience.

You can create anything from blog posts, social media posts, and podcasts to photos, videos, and graphics. Through these pieces of content, content marketing stimulates consumer interest in a particular brand.

Simply put, content marketing creates awareness of your brand among the public, known as brand awareness. This is essential for acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. With great content, people can get excited about your product or service. It can also build trust and long-term relationships with your customers.

On the other hand, digital marketing Marketing includes strategies like social media. Marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (Ppc), etc. This targeted marketing technique is to get more conversions. The goal of digital marketing is to win customers by going beyond search engine results pages (Serps).

So, based on the definition of marketing, let’s first share a few things that a marketing department should do: research needs, design a marketing strategy, build a marketing plan, manage relationships, and so on. marketing relations and marketing investment evaluation. However, if you slowly unfold these things, the content will be many and interesting.

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