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Viral Marketing: New Trends

If you open your Facebook account, you will see at least one account every day funny, sad, interesting or interesting videos that have been shared by a friend. You yourself are so enthusiastic about it that you also have to stand up share click and use it to spread the content to a new group of people. And so it goes on… When a viral marketing company works and thus achieves success, the message spreads like wildfire through the network. As the name suggests, it is like a virus that spreads from person to person. However, what sounds very promising only works if you reach out to people, touch them, and let them spread the content of their own accord. What is important in viral marketing…

Traditional Marketing and Viral Marketing

Traditional marketing is geared towards classic media like television, radio or even print media. However, in the age of Facebook and Co., it is increasingly losing its meaning – the volume of advertising messages being spread here is so high that many people even use them. no longer aware or even consciously ignored . Everyone knows it: If the feature film is interrupted by commercials again, we want to interrupt the program. If we see an advertisement in a magazine, we turn the pages and forget about it.

Media marketing approaches consumers differently: It is based on the voluntary dissemination of information and messages, each in turn becoming a means of advertising, so to speak. The following applies: if the virus is of high quality, it will also spread – quickly and for free, meaning that a viral campaign can benefit companies in many ways.

Viral marketing promotional messages follow a certain concept of success : They are emotional, tackle topics that affect the masses as widely as possible, and don’t have the intrusive aftertaste that is often attached. with classic advertising.

Emotions, honey! Which emotion spreads faster?

Emotions, honey! Nothing spreads faster than on social media. It’s also one reason why there’s such a thing as the Storm there: collective outrage has the potential to spread like a virus, even when a person is unaffected. But is anger and anger really the fastest and most contagious emotions?

Jonah Berger, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has now looked at this in more detail and evaluated the distribution of more than 7,000 articles over a three-month period – with stunning results:

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Chinese scientists at Beihang University looked at this question some time ago and analyzed millions of posts on the Chinese Twitter page Sina Weibo. Result:

  • Pleasure spreads faster than disappointment.
  • But nothing is more contagious than anger (vulgo: a Rant ).

When Jonah Berger investigated this in the United States, he came up with a comparable result. “ Difficulty, ” says Berger, it is a very pleasant feeling to “encourage people to take action”.

When he and his team died Popularizing selected articles However, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, researchers found: the paper’s emotional tone and color made it viral transmission:

  • Melancholy, frustration, or sadness worked – not surprisingly – instead of shutting down.
  • Anger or indignation quite causes waves in the networks, but only small waves.

However, what really made the articles go viral was the Emotions from…

  • Surprise
  • Amazing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Inspiration

Due to new information and associated positive emotions . “Admiration and enthusiasm make our heart beat faster,” says Berger. And they ensure that we have a desire to connect emotionally with others, to share feelings – or at least origins.

Social media marketing comes in many different forms

Like other marketing measures, viral marketing can use different forms of communication for itself. The most popular are:

  • Video
  • Photograph
  • Blog post
  • Podcast

The most popular and at the same time best known form is video , where the advertising object is briefly mentioned – but the main focus is on storytelling. It is this story that can make viral marketing successful. Or not, if the hoped-for effect does not materialize.

Viral content really grabs the viewer’s attention, it amazes, makes you laugh, informs, shocks or stimulates . Almost no one can avoid it – a virus that spreads quickly and effectively.

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Viral Marketing: These Elements Are Part of It

The individual elements of viral marketing are geared towards different consumer needs and emotions. In the end, however, the goal is always the same: People should be encouraged to talk about a brand, product, or even a person and share content with each other. Classic Words of Mouth .

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Viral marketing is part of a number of factors that are distinguished from each other:

  • Getting Through: That Infusing It Is At The Heart Of Every Viral Marketing Campaign. With the pass feature, the advertising message is recognized as such and shared with others without further request from the viewer. This is especially valuable for companies, as large spreads can be achieved at no additional cost.
  • Incentive virus: A more direct form of viral marketing in which consumers are promised a reward for a certain action. This element of marketing is not only about achieving a certain reach, but in the best case establishing a long-term relationship with the customer. These include, for example, discounts or contests if the content is shared, or bonuses if you refer a friend.
  • Insurance: If consumers don’t know about the advertising message, people talk about secret marketing . This is the case, for example, when people seem to be using and promoting a product every day, even though they are actually paid professionals.
  • Buzz: This is about spreading rumors to start a conversation. However, this approach is not the most pleasant and in the worst case high risk, the aim is to get as much attention as possible – any means are welcome, according to the motto: Publicity more than not.

Viral Marketing: Benefits

Viral marketing has a number of advantages provided that Virus hits the times and is spread accordingly on social networks .

Here is an overview:

  • Economic: Probably the biggest benefit for companies. Viral content is completely free and often achieves a reach other metrics can only dream of. Viral content easily gets a few million clicks and is shared thousands of times.
  • Personal: Viral marketing has more credibility because content is often shared by people you know and trust well. You do not feel that you are being manipulated by advertising.
  • Boredom: The long-term effectiveness of viral marketing is a common criticism. Many believe that there is hardly any benefit after the initial hype has worn off. However, in reality, awareness can increase in the long run if virality can be linked to the brand.

Viral Marketing: 4 Rules

Anyone who thinks that a successful viral campaign is easy to create is wrong. This can be seen to the extent that content distributed millions of times per day actually goes viral. It needs to be well thought out and above all creative ideas . This in particular becomes more and more difficult over time, because there’s almost nothing on the Internet that you haven’t seen before.

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There’s more to successful viral marketing than just creating content and uploading it to a social media platform. To this point four rules should be held to increase the chances:

  • Emotional

    Content that touches and conveys emotions that a person wants to share with others . Neutral or insensitive content will have a hard time asserting itself because it attracts fewer people.

  • Spreads easily

    For viral marketing to work, it needs to be distributed as easily as possible. A simple click is enough for this as can be done on social media. You should avoid unnecessary logins to be able to access videos or images.

  • Uniqueness

    Such viruses act only once , after which the consumer becomes immune. Therefore, there is no point in imitating another viral campaign. Anyone who doesn’t have an idea of ​​their own is usually just a bad copy of the original.

  • Speed

    Viral marketing works quickly, within hours and days, half of the Internet seems to have discovered it. However, care should be taken to ensure that the spread does not stagnate . It’s hard to get content to come back at a later time.


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