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Increase reach: attract more readers

Since the effect of the respective recommendations is quite different, we decided to choose the traffic light system for the list: Green means “recommended”; Yellow means “limited suitability”; Red means “hands off!”:

? Begin. The first point is also the most important: First, provide added value. Before you bring your website to market, readers should find something useful there, something they can’t find anywhere else: original optics, luxury, quality content high quality – no matter what you focus on, create a good fund first so that it is a pleasure to browse your site. Those who only find things of no value there will not return.

Increase reach: attract more readers

? Blog parade is a bit outdated. This is also because bloggers are less and less likely to link together (as in the past). In addition, many people now know that collecting generated backlinks is a classic means of search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, marches that are only instigated to generate links will not work. What works best are blog parades on topics that everyone is happy to contribute to and the sum of all the pieces is more interesting than the appeal. It would also be nice if the theme wasn’t inspired by 20 blog parades.

? Ebooks. Come up with something out of the ordinary every now and then. A free e-book, a useful tool for free downloads, a calling post. It is important that you create a small, extraordinary event that has what it takes to get around.

? External link. Place links to other blogs and websites. Not only in blog scrolls, but also in your articles. Anyone who links to articles that rank high in the search engine’s hit list will benefit from Google. Backlinks also please the authors, who therefore know you. And according to the principle of reciprocity, giving is often accompanied by taking.

? Guest posts. Write guest posts for websites and blogs that cover your topic. But only provide original articles, podcasts or videos. No one wants to reprint what has already appeared elsewhere. They should also be original: guest posts are a mass test of your competence. Anyone who doesn’t provide any new aspects just records their deliverability.

? Sweepstakes are definitely a way to attract readers, too. However, the price must be very attractive today to spark interest. What’s more important is that the game itself be fun, for example a photo contest that gathers lots of interesting photos or an original question that elicits amusing answers.

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? Internal linking may not generate more traffic right away. But you are helping readers find more relevant articles on your site. This is the classic reader service. You can also find another form at the end of this article: a list of reading recommendations. We know from experience: This one is used.

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? interview. Ask experts or famous bloggers to interview you. Triple effective: you create original content; the interviewee’s prominence radiates and creates interest; and if it’s a blogger, he can link the work and promote you (and yourself). However, the effects are rarely immediate but lasting – when you set up a series of interviews, for example. Warning: Asking simple questions is boring, you need to have a bit of an argument in the conversation.

? Commenting on other blogs is a relatively easy way to gain attention and new readers. But please only comment on the matter and really only with important content. “Amazing Text” is spam. And someone revealing in his comment that he didn’t read the text attentively doesn’t deserve the author’s respect at all.

? Riot creates a lot of advertising on the web. Contradictions and heated arguments give rise to reactions. So you can disagree vehemently (but not rudely) with the author, provoke and escalate disputes regarding the content, and end up summarizing your point of view in our blog post. your own, you can of course also link at the place of origin. Two to three controversial comments were enough to pique the interest of other readers. However, this path is around: Go over the head, gamble away empathy, and stand there like a troll. If you don’t have the right argument, you’ll be mistaken for an intellectual diver – a hype above all else.

? Comment link. Comments like I-wrote-something-this-is-link to it are an absolute no-go. Obviously, it’s all about attracting traffic. At best, bloggers who know and appreciate each other are allowed to do so. As a newbie, you should write a meaningful comment and link your name to the corresponding post. Less intrusive and with the same effect: If that intrigues you, click it.

? Exchange link. We regularly receive questions about whether we are interested in a link exchange. Are not! We do not have! Why? Will our readers benefit from this? Even. It’s like a trade-off in favor of the supplier – in the bleak hope that we’re too stupid to realize it. As a newbie, you usually have very few suggestions. So it would be more honest to ask for support. Also, link exchange is deceptive to readers: The site is not recommended for them because it’s good, but because the two operators have formed a citation cartel.

? List. Write lists (in fact, this post is one too) because they reduce complexity, organize chaos, are (sometimes) more fun, and easier to remember. Because most people love lists, they also draw attention to the author of such famous parades.

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? Fellow campaigners. One of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness is to poll the market and find out who is writing about similar topics or who have similar interests. You should personally contact these fellow campaigners by e-mail, introduce yourself, and leave comments on their blogs. Because their readers are definitely interested in your topic.

? Individual. In the end, of course, that depends on who you are writing for and for what purpose. Both define your content. But if you want to become more popular, you have to offer some benefit to your readers. Personal things can be interesting at times, but in the long run, this only interests friends. It is better to focus on a topic with which you are very familiar and bring personal experience from time to time.

? Write. Yes, you read that right: write – often. Nothing looks as boring as a website whose latest posts are two weeks old or more. Announcement: Nothing happens here…

? Series. Don’t just write one post per topic. Develop the topic further, continue the story (and link to previous sections), enrich the topic with new research findings, or create a series from it. It’s important that you have a so-called fool: There must be an arc of tension that makes you want to read the second and third parts.

? Network. Wherever you have an account, whether on Facebook, Xing, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram: Link your website (also in your email signature). These links not only create the so-called “juice” but also attract readers that you may have searched for (and found) elsewhere for a different reason.

Increase reach? Not famous without being related

However, if you want to increase your reach, you should never confuse cause and effect. The majority of bloggers and website owners just wonder:

  • How can we increase our reach?
  • What SEO tricks are there to rank higher on Google?
  • How do we get more fans to like and share our posts more often?

Almost no blogger or company asks:

  • How can we be more involved?
  • What makes our content better?
  • What do people really want from us?

Majority are looking for quick success, quick money focus and high level of attention. Very few people really have something to tell, their own honest stories or messages capture attention because they are smart, unique, inspiring, groundbreaking, fresh.

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Accessibility and wealth are just symptoms – consequences of long-term relevance.

Those who only hope to satisfy their own need for fame and fortune will degrade their audience to stir up the holders and mean the end.

This will be recognized sooner or later. At least unconsciously. And as soon as you realize you’re cattle and milking, the clapping of the milking machine stops. This is not a sustainable blogging concept.

The other way around it becomes a shoe. If you want to increase your reach, you must first ask yourself what needs of your target group(s) want to be satisfied. It takes real will to provide service, self-help, real customer orientation – not just make-up people.

In short: it has real added value. Everything else is just a flash in the pan.

However, the truth is that it takes patience. And this notice is inconvenient. Social media managers and blog editors don’t like to hear them talk, they need quick success numbers internally. With the right budget and a few tricks, this is definitely doable. Short time. But that makes no sense.

Or to put it another way: The secret is not to get to #1 on Google quickly, but to stay #1 for a long time. And that can only be achieved by real rethinking.

Please don’t get this wrong: There’s nothing wrong with optimizing a piece of content to increase its reach (we do too). But that’s only the second step. First, the post should be relevant on its own.

Or to put it another way:

  • In the long run, it’s not about reach but about trust.
  • It’s not your own content, it’s content that’s worth sharing.
  • It’s not about being great yourself, it’s about empowering others.

That doesn’t happen overnight. To do this, you must constantly remind yourself and reinvent yourself.


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