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Guide to Business Slogans

How to inculcate your brand in the minds of consumers. In addition to designing a business website, it is indispensable for a business to choose a reasonable Slogan so that no matter where users go, seeing that slogan will also remember the company’s products and services.

In this article, I will introduce to everyone about SLOGAN – Emphasize effective corporate brand in the eyes of consumers.

Guide to Business Slogans

1. What is the slogan?

Slogan is understood as the commercial slogan of a company, considered a part of the company’s intangible assets even though it is just a saying because it expresses the individual spirit of each brand when bringing its products. they reach the customer.

In order to have a good slogan, in addition to investing in brainpower, there should also be an investment in advertising continuously with long-term strategies. Therefore, when achieving a slogan that stands in the minds of customers, it turns into an invaluable asset that is cultivated by the time, money and prestige of the organization.

what is slogans


2. Benefits of slogans

An organization that first offers customers a product must create its own brand. To achieve an impressive brand, it is definitely impossible to ignore the main sentence that is the Slogan.

Firstly, if your company has a good and meaningful slogan, it can make an impression on customers. Make them remember your brand thereby motivating them to buy your company’s products.

Second, with just an impressive slogan, it can also facilitate customers to distinguish your brand from thousands of other brands on the market.

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Third, it helps to accurately describe the message that the business wants to convey to the customer, which the logo or brand has not yet shown.

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Fourth, help businesses briefly describe the product benefits as well as position their brand.

Benefits of slogans

What principles are required to have an attractive and impressive slogan? Follow along below

3. Principles for creating slogans

Firstly, when creating a Slogan, you must have a goal as well as the goal orientation of that slogan. Business slogans must clearly describe the company’s business field, or show the benefits of customers when using your business’s products.

Second, your slogan must be short, concise, easy to read, and easy to remember. This is also an important factor to help customers when it comes to the slogan that is to remember the organization’s products.

Third, your slogan must not be “offensive”. You should use words that are suitable for the local culture, do not use words that are provocative or misleading. Because it not only does not bring benefits to businesses but also has the ability to be boycotted from the market.

Fourth, your slogan must be independent, do not copy or copy any brand. This uniqueness will help attract customers interested in your brand and company.

Here are some ideas for creating slogans. There are 5 common types of slogans:

1. Imperative: Stimulates action and usually begins with a verb

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself
Toshiba – Don’t Copy. Lead.
Coca-Cola – Open happiness
Unstuck – Live better everyday

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2. Description: Describe your brand’s service, product, or promise

TED – Ideas worth spreading
Philips – Innovation & You
TOMS Shoes – One for one
Target – Expect more. Pay less.

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3. Superlative: Positioning the business at the highest position in the field of pursuit

Budweiser – King of Beers
Adidas – Impossible is nothing
Lufthansa – Nonstop you

4. Provocative & Funny: Usually in the form of a question

Microsoft – Be What’s Next?
Mercedes-Benz – What makes a symbol endure?
Dairy Council – Got milk?

slogan microsoft

5. Specific: Show the categories that the business provides

The New York Times – All the news that’s fit to print
eBay – Happy hunting
Skittles – Taste the rainbow

Clearly define the genre and audience that the brand wants to convey the most, then find the right keywords, sentence types and grammatical structures to build a perfect, bold slogan. Brand design press.

4. The meaning of the slogan for the brand

It is important that the Slogan helps the company strengthen its brand and differentiate its products and marketing. From there, users can simply recognize what this brand comes with and its benefits and quality.

Slogans are often associated with advertising programs, and are the key words that end descriptive information in the minds of listeners. Notably, at the present time when the advertising task is the key in marketing and communication, the Slogan in sales is often used as a direct way to mark the difference in the customer’s mind.

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youtube slogan

Slogans have a remarkable mission and position in companies, but creating a slogan is not difficult. If you haven’t figured out how to design a good, standard, concise and unique slogan, you can refer to the good and attractive slogans of big brands below. From there, you can design an attractive slogan for your business.

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Above, we have learned and made clear the awareness of Slogan, wish you to build a good and effective slogan.


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