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6 Tips to Increase Your Revenue in 2021

Lead nurturing is understood as marketing activities in the form of publications, blogs, e-mails, etc. and is a frequently discussed topic in important marketing events. business-to-business (B2B) systems.

Experts in the field of marketing and sales define “lead nurturing” as a way of building relationships with potential customers through the use of multimedia to provide each customer group with information. news they are interested in.

This information exchange takes place continuously until the business finds qualified potential customers to form a real “sales opportunity”, that is, customers who are in need and willing to buy products or use services of businesses.

6 Tips to Increase Your Revenue in 2021

Currently, developing relationships with potential customers has become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of businesses. But identifying specific tactics to do this is a challenge for many businesses. The reason is that businesses need to apply different tactics to each different customer group, such as not being able to send the same email newsletter at the same time (weekly, monthly, etc.) all customer objects. Similarly, a business cannot use the phone to contact different potential customers at the same time.

As part of the job of developing a sales opportunity is providing relevant information to each group of potential customers, Kathy Rizzo – Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder of TeleNet Marketing Solutions (Company). Marketing TeleNet Solutions) has come up with the following six tactics to help businesses develop business opportunities:

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1.Make a call to the customer

Ask open-ended questions for them to express their difficulties and problems that they are pressing or concerned about. Nike Air Max Thea Homme Noir This job will help businesses collect the necessary information to group customers. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir For example, a business looking to sell cargo storage solutions should ask potential customers about their challenges in this regard, such as security, reliability, increased stamina. warehouse storage….

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Make a call to the customer


2.Build a marketing matrix based on key customer groups

Enterprises need to develop marketing activities corresponding to different groups of customers who are facing different difficulties and pressing problems.

Depending on their own needs, customer groups may want to be informed about the company’s products and services through short presentations or case studies, webinars. or specialized reports. It is also possible to consult the marketing programs, solutions of competitors to find the best marketing tactics.

Build a marketing matrix based on key customer groups

3. Contact potential customers at the right time.

To determine how often to contact potential customers, businesses can consider four important factors below:

  • Always follow the customer’s request.
  • Where appropriate, re-contact with the customer may be offered based on their purchase cycle.
  • Based on the willingness to receive more information of each group of potential customers. Adidas Superstar Femme Blanche If they are hungry for information, shorten the time between two communications.
  • Contact potential customers when your business has important events such as acquiring other companies, introducing new products or services.
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4. Don’t spend a lot of time and money on electronic recordings about images

A key element in a sales opportunity strategy is how to build relationships with potential customers.

Communicating with potential customers is as personal as possible.

Only with email messages in the form of plain text, businesses can easily and quickly edit and supplement to make them suitable for different customer groups.

If customers receive letters sent to a large number of customers, heavily advertising and marketing, they will not sympathize with the business because they think they are treated as normal as with other businesses.

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5. Pay attention to bounced emails

If an email is returned, it is very likely that one of your potential customers is no longer working at their company. In this case, the business should call the customer’s old company to ask for more information.

6.Segmentation of potential customers

Segmentation of potential customers

Potential customers can be divided into three main groups so that their needs can be assessed and tracked for changes in those needs:

  • Passive customer groups are customers who are qualified to buy a product or service but do not yet have a clear need.
  • Active customer groups are customers who are qualified to buy your product or service and have or will have a clear need.
  • A group of ready-to-buy customers are customers who qualify to form a business opportunity.

The goal of a sales opportunity development strategy is to move leads from a passive position to an active one.

In the process of developing sales opportunities, businesses must constantly ask two questions:

  • Does the business provide the information that potential customers are interested in?
  • Can the business move customers from a passive position to an active one?
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If the answer to both of the above questions is “Yes”, it can be concluded that the business is building a strategy to develop effective sales opportunities, contributing to the success of the marketing strategy. overall.


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