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6 online marketing trends for Business 2021

2020 is a tumultuous year for the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has directly changed consumer behavior and customer needs.
That means that brands need to be aware of and keep up with these changing trends, thereby tailoring content and messages to better suit the current context.

10 Social Media Trends for Business 2021

According to a recent study conducted by Talkwalker and Hubspot, the social media content trends of 2021 will be shaped by the four Cs including: community, contactless, cleanliness, compassion.

Online marketing trends are always the golden key to help businesses reach customers and achieve positive results.

The report shows us these four aspects of content that are trending online and that brands need to adapt their communication methods to accommodate this.

“Social media trends for 2021” in the following article will continue to highlight the remaining 6 aspects that brands need to pay attention to next year.

1.Short video ads

Video is still the online marketing trend in the coming years when half of users now prefer to watch videos rather than read articles.

Short videos, vertical videos will be the advertising trend in 2021 with the success of some social networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Youtube… No matter what form of Video Marketing you choose, they are all effective. high fruit.

6 online marketing trends for Business 2021
Leave an impression on users only the first 2-3 seconds, create curiosity and they will decide whether to continue watching your video or not.

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Also, to have a successful video ad campaign, we need to get the message across quickly. If you can’t do it in a few seconds, mysteriously end the video when the situation is not resolved and suggest people to watch more content on your website.

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2.Livestream is encouraged

User behavior directly affects the performance of your ad campaign. Being able to interact directly with the seller/business makes users more excited. This makes livestream – interactive content a very popular new advertising trend in 2021. Livestreaming brings new excitement to users when they can ask questions, see authentic products and get more detailed advice, helping businesses bring trust to customers.

live stream

3.Inbound Marketing will prevail

The Inbound Marketing model will focus heavily on attracting customers and making them happy, nurturing long-term leads, and then converting. For example, if you create a website or blog with the topic of instructing nursing mothers how to care, raise children, postpartum psychology … Until we reach a large number of visitors, we will now open it. services, or sell some products that are suitable for this customer file such as mother and baby milk, baby supplies, books, English courses for babies, etc.

Inbound Marketing also focuses on the task of motivating customers to return to the website to find more information about products and services.

4.Use influencers to ascend the throne

The behavior of young people today is to like to follow famous people. Grasping this trend, advertising through influencers was born.

Infuencers are “Influential People” – famous people who create trends in the community. Popular influencers today can be mentioned as stars, models, actors, hot girls of social networks, and widely known vlogger-bloggers.

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They all have in common that they maintain a close, reputable relationship with users. Using influencer marketing in communication campaigns helps businesses increase prestige, brand awareness, and increase trust from customers.

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6 online marketing trends for Business 2021


5.Social Media Marketing is still the leading Online Marketing trend

Currently, young people around the world spend a quarter of their day on social networks. Social marketing campaigns always bring many expected results for businesses because of their high accessibility to target customers, good virality, and high conversion rates.

Currently, there are many popular social media platforms such as Facebook, tiktok, instagram, youtube … , so you need to consider which social networking platform to use to have an effective marketing campaign.

To be successful with social marketing, you need to build quality content, attract users, prioritize the use of videos and eye-catching images, and increase the call-to-action from viewers.

6.Chatbot increases customer experience

Chatbot is a software that helps to interact between you and your customers through natural language such as sounds or messages. Chatbot software is combined with AI technology to support customer care and analyze user data.

Chatbot software has the ability to replace humans in answering customer messages and questions through pre-installed questionnaires or robot intelligence, similar to humans chatting with each other.

The importance of Chatbot in the field of online business can be mentioned as: saving time for businesses and customers, saving costs, improving customer service quality, increasing brand awareness and ability sales ability.

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Using chatbot in marketing is a right choice of businesses. Choose to deploy the appropriate forms to bring the best effect.

With the 6 online marketing trends we just mentioned above, you can already take your business to the next level and make big profits in 2021. Build a perfect strategy and don’t forget. Combine them together for best results.

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