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3 Small Business Ideas That Take Under $500 to Start

With a capital of 500$, what business should I do now? This is a burning question of many young people who want to try their hand at business. To answer this question, today forexnewstoday would like to suggest to readers some small business ideas that bring high profits.

1.Fashion accessories business ideas

Far behind the real estate and manufacturing sectors, the fashion sector is becoming one of the professions that create the most billionaires in the world.

It can be said that, with the increasing demand for beauty of people, fashion is not only clothes, but also accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. watches, bags, glasses … to help the wearer create more prominent and attractive highlights.

Fashion accessories business ideas

The fashion accessories business can be considered a “fertile land in business” that has just been opened and still few people explore. The concept of “fashion accessories” is no longer strange to consumers and is no longer confused with the concept of “jewelry” as before. Regardless of the actual value, if compared, fashion accessories have many advantages over jewelry such as:

Products Inexpensive and easy to buy: Made from a variety of materials, Fashion Accessories products are focused on originality, novelty and the ability to create style for users, not follow value direction of the product. Because of that, the market price of accessories is very cheap.

Fashion accessories are quite diverse in terms of design styles, materials, and designs, so they can be suitable for many different objects and can be combined with many different outfits to create the style of each person. . In particular, Fashion Accessories are rarely “touched” and have their own uniqueness. Moreover, legally, you will not be forced to register a trademark with the authorities to be able to sell it on the market like other goods.

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Business fashion accessories does not require too much capital, with $500 in hand you can try your hand at this item. Basically, the product is small, so the area for a store to display is not large: The length needs to be about 5-10m and the width is about 3-4m. You will not have to spend too much money on renting space or installing – decorating stores like fashion shops.

Moreover, selling fashion accessories will bring you quite a profit, it is estimated that on average, selling 1 profit 1. On average, each customer spends $ 10 to buy, you will have a profit of $ 5. Increasing orders every day will depend on your ability to promote your products to consumers. Make the product unique to attract more interested customers.

2.Online fashion business ideas

For this industry, it will depend on your interests and capital to be able to choose business items that are cheap fashion, high fashion or office fashion. For those of you with a capital of $ 500, choose cheap fashion items to sell. The average price for each cheap fashion product is about $10 – $20.

The first job, you need to find a reputable source of fashion goods, reasonable prices, high discounts. There are many ways for you to find the source of wholesale goods such as: find wholesale markets; negotiate and buy back goods at wholesale prices of other shops; to Guangzhou to import goods directly; order online through famous websites such as (Taobao, ALIBABA, Gmarket, eBay…).

Online fashion business ideas

For those of you with a capital of $ 500 and want to try your hand at high-end fashion or work, you can choose an online business form. With this form, you need to get the supplier’s photos and prices to post on social networking sites, on classifieds websites, and forums. When a customer asks and places an order, you will contact the supplier to pick up the goods and deliver to the customer.

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Normally, selling goods in this form of order encounters many difficulties and is not proactive in the source of goods. To promote sales, the product image as well as product quality must be good, unique design. You need to create a difference between your products and other shops such as competitive prices, on-time delivery, etc.

3.Cake business ideas

Pastry business is one of the popular business lines in the market. Perhaps the main reason for the excitement in this market is the relatively low capital investment. With less than 500$, you can start a cake business and recover your capital very quickly.

Many young people have successfully started their businesses in this field. Even housewives with free time also sell on facebook, instagram and earn very high profits.

We can easily see that, at present, the consumer demand for cakes is extremely large. From children to parents, they all share the same desire to eat their favorite cake.

Cake business ideas


Especially, for those of you with ingenious skills, it is possible to create unique cakes. With clean and handmade recipes, you will create a unique brand. rights to their products. At that time, what you need to do is register the logo copyright for the brand so that consumers can easily identify your products with other stores. When that brand becomes famous, your business will fly like a kite.

According to the experience of people in the profession, it will take a long time for you to get used to the job at first. And need to be fully equipped with necessary baking tools such as mixers, baking pans, griddles… to be ready to make unique and attractive cakes. Give it to your family and friends to try. They will help you spread the good image to more people. This work needs perseverance, after about 1-2 months you will see noticeable growth results.

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