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Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:31 am

LivingOnCrypto: Is it possible to mine profitable with a Raspberry Pi? - with Michael J Ingvarson|7:11
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:30 am
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Bitcoin 2014 Year in Review.
The goal of this article is to review Bitcoin's growth as a whole, and discuss key events that happened in each month, and attempt to predict what we can expect 2015 to be like using 2013 and 2014 as years of comparison. This article will be broken down into months covering January- part of December. Bitcoin's market will be explained simply rather than thoroughly analyzed. I hope you enjoy this article as we review this action-packed year for Bitcoin and look into what the future might yield.
disclaimer: The author is fully invested in Bitcoin.
Before jumping into 2014, we will establish some key facts which will be revisited at the conclusion of the article, these statistics will be very important for calculating Bitcoin's growth over 2014 from 2013 and be used for making possible predictions for the growth we might see in 2015.
2013 statistics (December 2013)
Estimated wallets:
12 Million wallets (hosted + desktop + mobile) note: calculating the total amount of Bitcoin wallets is very difficult, this count includes dormant wallets that have not been touched over long periods of time. Estimated daily transactions: 75,125 Estimated daily volume: 1,563,212 Bitcoin difficulty: 707,408,283 Bitcoin hash rate: 7,419,911 Gh/S.
2014 statistics (December 2014)
15.8 Million wallets (hosted + desktop + mobile) note: calculating the total amount of Bitcoin wallets is very difficult, this count includes dormant wallets that have not been touched over long periods of time. Estimated daily transactions: 97,296 Estimated daily volume: 1,282,270 Bitcoin difficulty: 40,007,470,271 Bitcoin hash rate: 286,384,627 Gh/S.
Market: Peaking at $1012 during the month, Bitcoin's price settled at $853 by the end of the month. Overstock's announcement of Bitcoin acceptance caused the price to increase before correcting and settling down at $853 by the end of the month. (Bitcoinist recently interviewed Mr. Patrick Byrne click here to read it.)
Major events: became the first major US based merchant to accept Bitcoin payments. Overstock teamed up with Coinbase to make it possible. Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, told Telegraph the following:
"Bitcoin is well suited for online transactions. It has no transaction fees and works well for international customers. Providing this convenience for the cult-following Bitcoin customer is the smart thing to do. Other online companies will have to follow suit soon."
At the time of the announcement, Overstock converted all BTC transactions to Fiat currency but has since started holding some of the Bitcoin from transactions. Overstock's decision to accept Bitcoin lead to other large companies joining the revolution as well.
More Bitcoins were forfeited from the Silk Road server, increasing the total stash's value to over $130 million at the time. "These bitcoins were forfeited not because they are bitcoins, but because they were as the court found, the proceeds of crimes," US Attorney Preet Bahara told the press.
Vice chairman of the Bitcoin foundation, Charlie Shrem, was arrested for conspiracy to commit money laundering and "knowingly contributing" to anonymous drug sales. The charges accuse Shrem and an accomplice of "engaging in a scheme to sell over $1m in bitcoins to users of Silk Road". The Bitcoin Foundation distanced themselves from Shrem though their reputation was not tarnished. Following the arrest, Shrem resigned from the Bitcoin foundation.
In addition to Overstock, Tigerdirect partnered with Bitpay to accept Bitcoin payments. This partnership marked two major retailers accepting Bitcoin and helped further foster the liquidity of Bitcoin.
Gox February:
Market: Peaking at $848 during the month, Bitcoin's price settled at $563 by the end of the month. Mt. Gox was the reason for the downturn that spilled over into the coming months.
Major events: February was by far the most turbulent month of 2014 for Bitcoin. After the collapse of Mt.Gox and the loss of an estimated 744,000 Bitcoins valued at $400 million, Bitcoin's future was heavily debated. Many people believed that the collapse of Gox would be the end of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. While Bitcoin continued on, the effects of Mt.Gox are still felt today. Gox continues to serve as a strong reminder for Bitcoin users to responsibly store their money and not put as much trust in third parties. Bitcoin gives individuals control of their money, and, unfortunately, things like Mt.Gox can happen. Though the result was catastrophic for many people, Bitcoin's technology cannot be un-invented and persists through the decentralized network. Mt.Gox defined the need for top notch security and the weeding out of 'bad actors' within Bitcoin.
Prior to the complete collapse of Mt. Gox, the exchange had been experiencing problems with transaction malleability due to programmer error at the exchange. As it turns out, this was not the only issue faced by Mt.Gox and poor management and programming eventually led to the collapse of the former Magic the Gathering Online exchange. (For more on Mt.gox read our "Everything You Need To Know About Mt. Gox" report here.)
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:30 am

How to make a Bitcoin Node out of a Raspberry Pi 4|11:52
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:29 am
Latium Gig Platform.
Recently release the Latium Gig Economy is the first of its kind where all gigs are backed by the LATX Tokens. This is a pretty unique platform that is similar to Fiverr but with The Latium platform you earn LATX Tokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other popular cryptocurrencies for completing gigs. So, for example, you visit the platform (first sign up) and apply for a gig that you can complete, which are several easy to complete gigs that you can do by completing a task like sending a tweet, re-tweeting or re-sharing a post, writing an article, making videos, commenting on blogs and so on and so on. The more difficult the task is the more Crypto you make. There are so many easy tasks you can complete for earning tons of free crypto with the Latium platform. Please keep in mind you first have to apply for the gig, which usually takes about 24 to 48 hrs to be accepted. Once accepted you will have to complete the instructions and send the gig employer your confirmation links, then you get paid.
Another cool thing about this platform is that you can also advertise your gigs and have others earn LATX Tokens to promote your crypto products or services. Which makes it easy to promote your affiliate links and earn crypto that much faster. I actually see others creating gigs on there to sign up for their affiliate programs for free and in return will provide you with free Crypto.
Once you have collected some LATX Tokens the Latium platform now has a built-in Exchange which allows you to exchange your LATX Tokens for either Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. There are so many gigs available at this time, you can easily make a lot of LATX tokens and actually earn some serious dough.
If you're a Gambler you can always try your luck with online gambling. Now I don't suggest going this route unless you are very familiar with Online Gambling or any type of gambling. As online gambling is very risky but may result in high profits. This decision is really up to you, so think wisely and long before trying any form of online gambling . However many have gotten great results and earn a great living through online gambling, which makes it something to look into. Currently the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites with the most Bitcoin users are the following three sites which have been giving me personally great profits! All three offer Football and other popular sports betting.
Betting Tip #1: When opening an account with BetMoose , you can also Host a Bet, When you host a bet you can make a significant amount of Bitcoin. BetMoose allows you to host as many bets as you wish. For every successful betting, you host you will earn a percentage of the fees. Here are BetMoose's current winning percentage for those hosting their own bet.
The structure is as follows:
Level 0 (0.5%) - - everyone begins here.
Level 1 (0.6%) - - 1 successfully resolved bet.
Level 2 (0.7%) - - 2 or more resolved with a cumulative volume of 10 or more.
Level 3 (0.8%) - - 3+ resolved and cumulative 30 +
Level 4 (0.9%) - - 4+ resolved, cumulative 50 +
Level 5 (1.0%) - - 5+ resolved, cumulative 100 +
If you try to host at least ONE bet per week you're looking at a great amount of Bitcoin coming in on a weekly basis! The more bets you create the more you can start making today! Hosting your bet is 100% Free to do so TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FREE SERVICE!
Tip #2: For those that don't even know much or very little about betting on sports, no worries I'm on the exact same boat. However I found an amazing method that will provide you with an 85% high chance of winning every bet! This however only works for all Bets on Football (Soccer) Leagues. All you have to do is sign up for any of the three betting sites. Once you have signed up, you visit this secret high prediction site that will provide you with the best soccer predictions for all upcoming football games - . Next before even submitting a bet for any match, always check the statistics from Google . Let's say you get a match with a 3-1 prediction score on BettingClosed. Now you will write on Google for TEAM A vs TEAM B match and put a date after it like 20/12/2020 and read the top 2 to 3 articles what they say about the match. If any of the articles say that TEAM A is likely to win the match with 2 goals or a goal difference then book that match. I just want you to get little help from the search engine for your safety. Use these keywords when you submit a search:
Team A vs Team B match statistics Team A vs Team B match prediction.
Number 2 never choose a close match like 1-0, 3-2, or a draw like 1-1, leave all those matches alone, only choose those where you can see a good difference, like 3-1, 3-0, 4-0, 2-0. If you master this you can win a large amount, this would work even better if you know your football, As for me not having enough time to catch up on my sports, this method has worked very well for me on all three betting sites.
Step #6 - Make Sure Your New Bitcoin Network Is Working On Automatic.
#2. Brave Browser - Another Browser I highly recommend using as well is the Brave Browser. T his new internet browser, which you can download and use on your mobile phone or desktop computer. This new browser has made internet browsing much safer, faster, and more profitable for publishers. Now what makes this internet browser called Brave more unique then the rest? It's the two forms of getting paid in Cryptocurrency for using their browser.
The first way Only works is if you're a publisher (blogger, the site owner) and you have banner adds on your site. The way you get paid Cryptocurrency is by getting a daily share of the earnings from all publishers on the Brave Network. From the Revenue that Brave makes from all the customers who pay a subscription to block adds from being viewed when they browse. Or they can directly tip each individual publisher they chose and set which sites they chose to tip within their browser dashboard.
The second way you get paid is a bit more simple. All you have to do is allow ads to be viewed on the browser. So by allowing ads to be shown when you do your normal internet browsing, you will be earning a little bit of Cryptocurrency. I believe they will have their own token (which runs on the Ehtereum Blockchain) or possibly give away Ethereum as well. All earnings will be sent directly to your Brave Online Wallet in which you can either donate the earnings to your favorite publisher or withdraw them to an external wallet.
#3. Bravocoin - The all New Review app that pays its community for writing and rating reviews of restaurants, hotels, services, movies, video games, and more! If you're familiar with the Yelp app and constantly using it to leave reviews for places you visit. Well the Bravo app is definitely for you. Why not get paid for what you're already doing on the Yelp app when you can now get paid on the Bravo app with Bravocoins. The more quality your reviews are and the more reviews you happen to submit the more Bravocoins you make, as simple as that! I would recommend sending as many friend requests as you can. Making friends on this app really really pays off. As the more friends you have following you the more they can upvote your reviews, in turn making you more Bravecoins. To be honest with you I actually stopped using the yelp app completely and switch to the Bravocoin app, which I already made me a little over $300 worth in Bravocoins. Well worth it and always recommend it to my friends and family as the reviews you happen to submit are actually tied to google reviews and helps each business you submit a review for a lot! Also, a great way to support small businesses locally or online.
Download the Bravocoin app today to claim your first Free 10 Bravocoins !
#4. Send Traffic To Your Affiliate Links - HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website(s). You simply download their free software and let it remain open (run on the background) on your PC and you can even minimize it and don't even bother with it. As long as you have it running on the background you will get an unlimited amount of free traffic back to your site(s). You can even have multiple computers running the free software and in return you'll earn even more free minutes which will create even more traffic & clicks to your links!
Another site to refer to is LeadsLeap . This site was created for affiliate marketers with easy to use affiliate web tools to bring in more conversions and sales. All web tools provided on LeadsLeap are 100% free to use for members. They even allow you to integrate a widget within your website to easily generate more traffic back to your site. Not to mention you will receive 100% Real Visitors who are interested in your offers. They have easily created a program that you can automatically make some money while using their services and getting traffic. So give them a try, I'm more than sure you will love their platform -
#5. GetResponse - Sign up for this email marketing provider! It's a must if you plan in having referrals clicking on your referral links on a constant basis. For Only $25 a month you can build a powerful email list of up to 2,500 subscribers, which you can email once a week ( I recommend, no more, no less), with new referral deals for them. With getting Response you will have all the tools and resources you need to build a powerful Bitcoin business, from attractive email templates and impressively easy to create landing pages. Not to mention GetResponse happens to be the top email marketing company that works well with affiliates. When you send an email out, get creative and use one of the many GetResponse stunning email templates they provide you with and send emails with attractive headings like: "Top Three Bitcoin Faucets to Join", "Top Bitcoin Investment Sites", "The New Buzz in Bitcoin", "Join These Bitcoin Sites Before It's Too Late". Just so that you can have an idea and have your subscribers clicking more on your email links.
Click Here for your First Month Free Trial and $30 free credit when you sign up.
#6. Fiverr - This Site has helped me personally to advertise my affiliate links much quicker and gain an abundance of referrals. I highly recommend using Fiverr's services to promote your social media accounts or your new Bitcoin site, create banners for your referrals links or even have somebody create a stunning website for you at a very affordable price. I got my website on Fiverr, for only $50. Now that's a bargain! There are so many gigs on Fiverr that I'm more than sure you'll find what you're looking for to help you with building a successful Bitcoin network! One thing I learned from experience on Fiverr is to make sure to purchase from experienced sellers with a lot of feedback and try to avoid new sellers with no feedback as most likely you will end up getting something you don't like.
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:29 am

How to mine cryptocurrency with Raspberry Pi 3!(2018)(SUPER EASY)|4:16
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:28 am
Cryptocurrency Cash Back Platforms.
Shop at your favorite stores and start getting FREE Bitcoin & Cashback Rewards when you shop online or in-store!
Now what I'm about to show you is a Little Trick I use to 2x my cryptocurrency savings when I shop online. Saving me anywhere from 2% to 30% at times. If you just combine these 2 applications when your shopping online, you too can start accumulating them Satoshies that much quicker and saving you money at the same time! All you have to do is follow the following steps:
1. Add The Lolli Extension to your Chrome Browser (also works with the Brave Browser) - (once you have successfully added the browser extension) You would first start by clicking on the Lolli Icon located on the top right and sign in. >>> Once at the Lolli site chose the store you want to shop at, for this example let's say >>> Then just do the normal shopping you would on the site, just make sure the Lolli icon has turn green (very important), this shows your savings is activated. >>> Once at checkout DO NOT PAY USING ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT, make sure you chose to pay with GIFT CARD . This is where the Fold App comes in.
2. Download the Fold App - (Once you have successfully downloaded the app) Sign in and click on the little shopping cart located below (Marketplace) >>> Chose the same shop your shopping at, which in this case we're using as the example >>> within the app you will purchase a Gift Card for the total amount you wish to use >>> You pay for the Gift Card and submit the Gift Card Code # and PIN provided at checkout and Voila! You just doubled your savings! Which in this case we use, Lolli will give you 3.5% Cashback and you will earn another 6% Cashback for using the Fold App for a total of 9.5% savings which will be sent to you in Bitcoin! YES, I know AMAZING Right!
So for this example, we used but you can use it for many other online shops. Like Macy's, Gap, Old Navy, 1-800-Flowers, Nike, Staples, and many others. So take advantage of these free shopping tools. If you download the app today, they will add +20,000 Satoshies to your account to start. Hey, free Bitcoin Why Not!
If you want to earn an EXTRA 2% Cashback in crypto you can always apply for Visa Card. Which will give you 2% cashback on all your purchases and many other perks. If interested in getting you're own Visa Card you can apply for your own by download the Wallet app . Please be advised that in order to qualify for the card you will need to own and stake 50 MCO tokens.
3. Pei App - Pei's goal is to change your finances and assist you to get the foremost out of the items you're shopping for. They are doing this by providing cashback opportunities with their thousands of local shops and restaurants.
Pei launched in 2018 and since then they have gained quite the popularity. You won't be hearing anybody bad mouth the app. As nobody hates obtaining cashback, as Pei has made it really easy to accumulate them Satoshis.
The premise of the app is straightforward. You link your Debit or Credit Card (and it doesn't matter the kind of card), continue as you do shopping locally with your favorite local retailers or restaurants, and earn up to twenty percent cashback in Bitcoin or cash.
(use promo code: kpvvh0 upon sign-up and get a $5 Bonus when linking your first card)
4. StormX - This application not only does it provide you with cashback it also rewards the user for holding and investing in their StormX token (STMX). The more StormX tokens you hold on your linked Ethereum wallet the more cashback you can receive (up 21% cashback) from all your online shopping. Which you can withdraw your earnings in BTC, ETH, LTC, STMX, YFI, and Dai. When you hold StormX tokens you also get rewarded with more benefits and Staking within their application. STMX is a token that keeps on giving and well worth adding to your portfolio.
5. Dosh App - Now for this App, it won't provide you with cashback in crypto, but if you connect other credit or debit cards to this app. You can earn some extra cashback too and use that cash to purchase more Bitcoin. Which is what I'm currently doing. To top it off if you sign up for this app today you can get $5 free when you first download the app and link a card to it. Hey, why not use that towards your first purchase of Bitcoin.
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
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Crypto-mining: How to Mine Monero on Raspberry Pi?|10:12
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:27 am
Earn Residual Income With Staking.
1. Bitrue - Bitrue exchange is established by a group of blockchain enthusiasts and focuses on cryptocurrency trading. They have made it very easy for those getting into crypto for the first time and helping them with trading to successfully managing their crypto investments. I have been using Bitrue ever since they first came out with their Power Piggy Service . Which is a service they provide to stake your cryptocurrency and earn anywhere from 5.3% all the way up to 17% on your crypto. Now the way Staking works is that you have to have your cryptocurrency locked up for a certain amount of time for it in order to mature and earn interest on it. They currently have Staking for Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, and many other popular cryptocurrencies. They do however have a minimum to qualify for their daily Power Piggy Staking Services. So if you do happen to have some extra bitcoin stored in unwanted wallets. Why not give Bitrue a try and earn some staking rewards from it.
Signup Today for a Chance to Win up to 240,000 XRP - Claim a Signup Reward of Free XRP deposited to your account and earn interest on your Crypto using the following sign up link:
2. Atomic Wallet - With the all-new sophisticated Atomic Desktop/App wallet, you can now stake popular Cryptocurrency all within your wallet with a single click of a button. Amazing wallet for beginners that want to start learning how to get started staking your coins, this wallet allows you to stake with no technical knowledge.
The Atomic Wallet currently supports staking on Tron, Tezos, Cosmos, NEO, VeChain, and many other Popular cryptos with many more being added soon. If you currently have these cryptos sitting on other wallets not earning you any rewards. Why not let your crypto work for you by staking them on the Atomic Wallet.
Hands down this is my most favorite and most used wallet, as they provide amazing 5-star customer support. They usually reply within a couple of hours or less with the solution to your problem. Having possession of your own Private keys and top customer support are the most important details to me when you're dealing with a lot of money.
3. - HEX is a completely Decentralized Finance (Defi) platform. HEX is free for Bitcoiners, more secure, faster, cheaper, better for the environment, and addresses a larger market than Bitcoin. HEX has done a 92x price increase vs Bitcoin so far and is poised to increase even higher this year. Not to mention it's considered to have one of the best Staking rewards in the industry. The longer you have your tokens staked for the higher the percentage you get rewarded. HEX has been one of my best-performing Tokens by far this year and I wouldn't be surprised if it's the highest performing Altcoin in my portfolio next year as well. With a very easy to use platform, top staking returns, and rewards you may want to consider adding HEX to your portfolio.
Easy To Use Crypto Investing App.
If you're new to cryptocurrency or simply just looking to get your feet wet in cryptocurrency investing. A great app to get started is HODLIT. This new app makes it extremely simple for anybody to get started. Simply connect your bank account to start collecting your spare change to invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Or set a daily recurring deposit, it's really your choice with 100% control of your crypto portfolio. Just start with your spare change. Low risk and low commitment and create your own unique portfolio from the best cryptocurrencies currently out in the market. Then they will automatically round up your purchases to the next dollar and collect the change. Or you can set a recurring daily amount. When the total amount reaches $5, they'll withdraw the amount from your bank account and invest it according to your portfolio.
How Does HODIT Work?
Sign Up Connect your Bank Account (Same Security Level as your Bank app) Adjust your roundup change and set which Cryptos to invest in. Set Your Recurring daily, weekly, or monthly payment submission (optional). That's it! The App does the rest for you and you never have to worry about the up and down market, as you'll be dollar-cost averaging.
Step #5 - Become a Crypto Bounty Hunter.
Earn Crypto by Sharing on Social Media or Completing Easy Tasks!
What is a Crypto Bounty Hunter? - A crypto bounty hunter is a participant in the initial coin offering (ICO) process who markets the offering to investors and audiences in exchange for incentives. The crypto bounty hunter is generally paid in the form of ICO tokens that can later be redeemed into fiat currencies after the token is listed on a crypto exchange.
Start joining Bounty platforms where you can earn Tokens for simply sharing post that ICO's would like for you to share on your social media with your followers. The more followers you have on social media the more Stakes/Tokens you can earn. Each Bounty platform has different ways of submitting your entry but all of them are pretty easy to join and start earning some free cryptocurrency. By completing simple task like re-sharing a post, liking a page, retweeting a tweet, writing up an article or even making a video. There are all sorts of methods for you to start earning some crypto very quickly. Please keep in mind you will need an Ethereum Wallet that is ERC20 compatible in order to receive your Tokens after the Bounties are over (I would recommend using MyEtherWallet).
I recently have found the top 3 most popular and user friendly bounty platforms you can join today. All 3 platforms seem to have easy integration to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram & Reddit). You simply just press a button to instantly share to your social media channels, no technical knowledge required. They make it very easy for everybody to accumulate Stakes/Tokens for each ICO offered on their platform. Once you receive you're tokens to your Ether wallet, you can always exchange them on an exchange for larger named crypto's like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple 🙂
Sell Your Stuff for Crypto.
A great way to earn Cryptocurrency quickly is by selling the stuff you have laying around your house. You can list your stuff on Online Auction Sites.
These sites are very similar to eBay where you can list your new or used items for sale. However, both these sites I recommend are a bit better, as they do not charge you anything if your item doesn't sell and if they do happen to sell your item, they only charge 1%-10% of the total cost, compared to eBay's high seller fee of 5%-15% and with Bitify now allowing you to accept both Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment. You're sure to gain Bitcoin faster and easier this way. Who knows you might find these two sites to be your main source in gaining Crypto, as so many are currently doing now.
Sign Up today for a Free Seller & Buyer Account. As for Listia they are currently giving away free Props tokens when you list your first item for sale! If you don't want to keep your Props token you can always exchange them for Ethereum. However, if you keep your Props Tokens, you will gain more perks within the platform and earn Props as the Listia platform grows, the value of the token will increase as well.
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:26 am

How to make a Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Mining Rig|9:43
Mining / Re: Bitcoin mining.
Last post by Bitcoin - Today at 06:25 am
You Can Donate to my Page By a Simple Click To any of These Banners 🙂
Make Bitcoin With Shortlinks.
If you are currently using services like for shortening your URL links, well there are new websites out there called and that let you earn Bitcoin for every click you get from the shorten links you create and share. Simply turn any content you create into Bitcoin: website, blogs, tweets, forum posts, torrents, images, etc. Advertisers pay out the largest part of the funds to you! So why not get paid for doing something you are currently doing already for free? This service is a must and completely Free to use. Earn even more if you can convince your friends and family to use their service too.
Step #4 - Invest Your Bitcoin Wisely.
Once you have earn enough Bitcoin I would highly recommend investing in peer-to-peer lending sites . Instead of just having your bitcoin stored away, you can earn interest on it by lending it to others or even putting it on a Crypto Savings Account and let it earn interest over time. It's always better to diversify your investments so you can gain a better return with a safe and steady income. The following options can provide you with a steady return on investment.
How To Gain Interest on Your Crypto.
1. Celsius Network - This New App has literally changed the game when it comes to earning interest on your cryptocurrency. They currently have top cryptocurrencies which you can earn up to 7% yearly interest on your BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, and many others. So for example, if you make a deposit of $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency, you would get about $475 a year on interest. Now there is no bank savings account out there that can provide you with those kinds of returns. Personally I've been using the Celsius App since day one they launch. I love it how easy they make it for me to get rewarded for something I was already doing, and that's holding on to my cryptocurrency.
Celsius provides NO Lock-Ups. You can withdraw your digital assets whenever you need them with no fees or penalties and all deposits are safe and secured by BitGo.
Download the App Today and Start making your cryptocurrency work for you 🙂
2. BlockFi - The BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) lets you earn compound interest on your Bitcoin, Ether, and GUSD. Simply store your crypto at BlockFi and earn interest paid out in Bitcoin, Ether, and Gemini Dollar every month (up to 6.2%). This well-established interest platform is backed by Gemini Exchange and Cold Storage. Visit their website to learn more about how you can reach your financial goals with BlockFi. Opening an account is quick and easy.
3. Nexo - Nexo is one of the biggest players in the crypto industry. They are the world's largest and most trusted lending and earning institution in the digital finance industry. With Nexo you can earn up to 5% on your crypto and up to 10% on stablecoins, paid out daily with compound interest! With top insurance provided by BitGo who provides 100% Cold Storage Technology in bank-grade Class III vaults and $100 Million insurance on custodial assets. Not to mention zero fees on withdraws and no minimum deposit to start earning interest on your crypto.
Create a passive income with your cryptocurrency and open a high-yield savings account with Nexo today.
4. Crypto - With you can earn up to 8% p.a. on your crypto. You can earn interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Some Stable Coins. Many more Cryptocurrencies will be added soon! If you happen to Stake their Platform MCO Token, you can earn up to 2% more on your crypto. All interest is paid out weekly and in the crypto you deposited. So for example, if you deposit Bitcoin you will earn your interest paid out in Bitcoin. Their Platform is very easy to use and available on Android and iOS. This App is actually one of the most widely used apps for interest payouts and the availability of getting a debit card to easily spend y our Crypto anywhere Visa is accepted.
Earn more on crypto when you use my referral code: 54BJ9QSH9T.
5. Voyager - I love using this app as it's you're all in one app for buying Bitcoin, earning Interest on popular cryptos, and not to mention it has a built-in exchange with commission-free trading. Yup, a must-have all in one crypto app. Now with this app it may not give you the best interest compared to the other three mentioned above, but they allow you to control your crypto seamlessly and conveniently. They also allow you to do recurring purchases daily, weekly, or monthly directly from your connected bank account. Another great thing I love about this app is that they allow you to track your portfolio performance with advanced rea-time data charts provided. All within the app with easy to use dashboard. Great all-around app for beginners.
The Voyager app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play Store . I invite you to download the app and when you trade your first $100 within the app you will receive $25 worth of Bitcoin when you use my referral link and Code: JOEF24 -
6. StakeCube - One of the first Compounding interest systems with the highest rates, calculator, daily payouts, and no lock time. Four different and automated income streams offer a payout guarantee. The latest cold storage technologies and proof of funds are fully transparent and traceable with StakeCube.
Earn up to 11.57% interest per year (0.03% daily) which is significantly higher than traditional bank deposits and alternative Crypto investing platforms. StakeCube offers you full flexibility by allowing you to add and withdraw funds at any time - coins don't need to be locked for fixed periods.
The power of compounding ensures that every day a larger interest amount is credited into your account, letting you enjoy a secure high-yield passive income without any fees or commissions.
Stakecube's income streams, which cover the daily payments to their users, as well as the cold storages, are fully transparent and traceable for everyone to view.
A great alternative for an Online wallet with the benefit of compound interest on your crypto. They also offer a daily High Paying Faucet which you can claim on a daily basis, for added crypto to your wallet.
7. - account is now also a bitcoin savings account! Receive compounded interest on any balance that you hold in your account , without doing anything. All you need to do is maintain a balance of at least 30,000 Satoshis (0.0003 BTC) in your account and they will pay you compounded interest on your full balance every day. There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish. Treat your account like an instant-access savings account to hold your excess bitcoins and earn passive interest on your account balance every day. The good thing about is that you get your password and a 2-factor authentication protecting your bitcoin. And Just to let you know has been around for over 6+ years and counting. To this day they still remain #1 Bitcoin faucet online .
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